The focus of the ISS Expert Paper is servitization. This term describes the process in which a company transforms itself from a "product provider" to a service provider, or to a provider that links its products with services and places a stronger focus on service. In addition to the technical or professional competence of a provider of products or services, this change requires the development of customer competence. This goes hand in hand with the development of business competence. The aim is to identify the appropriate levers to build up and expand a service business. In this process, different stages are passed through, each of which also means a change in the strategic orientation as well as the way of thinking and working of a company. ISS has developed practical methods for this process: the 5-stage ISS maturity model and the kangaroo leap.  You will find more information in the following info boxes.

In addition to the ISS maturity model and the Kangaroo Leap, you will find exciting industry insights in our ISS Expert Paper and learn how the strategic change from Goods-Dominant Logic (G-D L) to Service-Dominant Logic (S-D L) is taking place, what is behind the "new batch size 1" and why it pays to make added value measurable.

The ISS wishes: Good luck with the implementation of the transformation process!

Five steps to more service business competence: the ISS maturity model

ISS has been dealing with the topic of servitization for over 20 years and supports companies in the transformation process. The process is divided into five stages, which are mapped by the ISS maturity model and run through during the process. The aim is to understand business as service and to operate service as business. Within the model, "maturity" defines at which point of development a company is. The stages define the entrepreneurial goal. From the "extended workbench" (level 1) to the "differentiation instrument" (level 2) and the "profit centre focus" (level 3) to the "added value function" (level 4) and "customer integration" (level 5): An organisation evolves in stages, as do its associated services. 
In our Servitization Expert Paper you will learn more about the ISS maturity model in general and about the five stages in detail. The development is illustrated by the automotive industry, in which manufacturers have been in the situation for some time that they no longer only have to think about the production of vehicles. Cars have long since become mobile devices, big data and connectivity are daily business. Hackathons are organised and functions are available "on demand". The configuration of vehicles takes place in showrooms with virtual reality glasses, and manufacturing is also smart, with maintenance becoming more and more predictive thanks to digital twins. So it's an exciting field that offers very vivid and tangible case studies. 

Long jumps for increased customer success: the kangaroo leap

In addition to the ISS maturity model, the Kangaroo Leap is an important component of the Servitization Expert Paper. This is a method used by the ISS International Business School of Service Management for the systematic expansion of the service business. The Kangaroo Leap was developed out of the ISS philosophy and the endeavour to constantly improve the interaction with customers and to align one's own actions with the benefit of the customer. The impressive distance that a marsupial can achieve with a leap is representative of the goal of expanding its "field of vision" and the associated customer knowledge. The customer orientation of the service provider thereby goes beyond the expectation of the direct customer. 
The newly gained perspective thus implements the needs and wishes of the direct customer's customers into the process. These insights are important to understand what is really relevant for the direct customer. This is the basis for supporting him in the best possible way in developing the business relationship with his customers. This makes the ISS method a key success factor and a core element of modern service culture.


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