Learning and working in the 3D learning environment of the ISS Virtual Spaces

Growth with services - classic, smart / digital or data-driven – is on TOP of the agenda of almost every company - right now it is important to drive corporate development.

Knowing how to do that and exchanging experiences - an active network is important. With its targeted qualification programs, the ISS International Business School of Service Management supports companies and participants in further expanding their “expert status”, setting business-promoting impulses and actively driving their service business. With the ISS it is possible to develop your own personal career path. With the ISS Virtual Spaces, we also support you digitally at a top level: in 3D.

What are the ISS Virtual Spaces? These are avatar-based, virtual-collaborative 3D-learning environments that are based on the 3D software of TriCAT. You move with your personal avatar in a virtual space where you can communicate with other participants, collaborate with colleagues and partners, and build knowledge together. In this way, we create a presence-like experience via the cooperation of distributed teams or individual participants through social interaction.

The participants dive into a virtual 3D world. The process in the ISS Virtual Spaces looks as follows: At the start, the participants create their own personal avatar. Then they enter the ISS Virtual Spaces: They arrive in a training center designed in 3D, in which they learn, work, and communicate with each other.

With the ISS Virtual Spaces, we simply remove the limitations of physical presence environments and thus create closeness despite distance. Virtually, all basic learning processes are the same as in reality. But: In the ISS Virtual Spaces, learning can be expanded with rich visual input, interactive options for action and unique experiences, because the offered space ranges from realistic meeting and training rooms to breakout rooms and an outdoor area. Users work, present, learn and train how and where they want. Presenting projects, giving lectures or simulating work processes - everything you appreciate with face-to-face events is also possible in the virtual world. Users can move freely in the virtual building, interact with other participants in real time and can also be located acoustically. In addition: The ISS Virtual Spaces allow realistic communication using gestures, facial expressions and, of course, language.

Group work in different rooms in the same scenario can be carried out on demand without any problems with maximum multimedia possibilities and tools, such as integrated cloud desktops, desktop sharing, media walls, whiteboards with tables and drawing functions, web browsing, webcam feed and survey tools.

Even more: With an editor function, media objects can be freely placed in the scenario in the run-up to events while scheduling. Participants usually do not need any upfront user training but learn intuitively as they move in the virtual space. For a safe start, however, we offer short user training introductions before the actual sessions.

All seminars and certificate courses are currently taking place in the ISS Virtual Spaces. The current dates can be found in the calendar on the ISS Website.

In the enclosed pdf-file we have put together some impressions of the ISS Virtual Spaces. You have the opportunity to try out the ISS Virtual Spaces to get to know the feeling of participating in an event as a 3D avatar. Simply register for "Experience ISS Virtual Spaces live".