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Find new ideas and opportunities to develop your own company at the TrendWorkshops Service (TWS) hosted by the ISS International Business School of Service Management in Hamburg. This is what the ISS TrendWorkshop Service has been offering for many years. Initially initiated by the MarketingAkademie Hamburg.

Have a look at the video of a former TWS and decide on your participation for the next. Give us a hint that you are interested - we invide you in time.

The topics of the practical workshops held in the afternoon of the annual expert meeting spark lively discussions: The thematic impulses for the workshops originate from the lectures and presentations in the morning. Which one of the presented topics sparks interest for a more in-depth and personal exchange?

Shaping the „New World” – How?

Backwards? … It will be different!

2020: Sept 23rd in the ISS Virtual Spaces

Trendworkshop Service 2020

  • What are the cornerstones of the business in the New World?


2020 – now we have learned – the world is more VUCA than we believed it could ever be!
The Pandemic has dug deeper – a new focus is coming up – now the human being is more important. We take care of personal distance, shut down businesses, respect others and their needs, change our working mode and … still hope this is just a short period of a few months, because we have to go back to our familiar way of living and working, to the economy, turnover and profit…. perhaps with some more profit if people at home are working more productively as well.

Are we able to go back? Do we have to go back?
Step back - far away like an Astronaut on the moon - have a look at our world - see and watch carefully what is going on – and decide what should happen, what you will go for! Take the insights from Yale Prof. Dr. Thomas Pogge and his speaker colleagues discuss them with family and friends and decide on your contribution to the New World.

Shouldn’t we change our behaviour, our thinking, our value focus from a personal perspective to … a stronger focus on benefits for the human being – for us, for the people? On the other hand, we are living in a highly competitive world with APAC and Americas, with wars for resources and beliefs, but as well with responsibility for the next generations.

So – let’s think about “The New World” and how we can contribute to design our planet in the future. No doubt: Services, knowing how to help others to achieve individual benefits or common goals will be a core topic! … in every business!
Learnings from the TWS 2020 will help us to design our future. We talked, discussed, and found out what are the strategic guidelines for the “New World” and how we can contribute personally and as a corporation.
Let’s go! … and shape our VUCA world a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous one!

Prof. Dr. Thomas Pogge

Prof. Dr. Thomas Pogge

Leitner Professor of Philosophy and International Affairs, Yale University, New Haven

Having received his PhD in philosophy from Harvard, Thomas Pogge is Leitner Professor of Philosophy and International Affairs and founding Director of the Global Justice Program at Yale. Pogge is a member of the Norwegian Academy of Science as well as co-founder of Academics Stand Against Poverty (ASAP), an international network aiming to enhance the impact of scholars, teachers and students on global poverty, and of Incentives for Global Health, a team effort toward developing a complement to the pharmaceutical patent regime that would improve access to advanced medicines for the poor worldwide ( His latest German book is Weltarmut und Menschenrechte (deGruyter 2011). More information at

To see the big picture we asked Prof. Thomas Pogge from the Yale University about needed changes for an ongoing globalisation. Here is his speech.

Herbert Bockers

Chief Global Shared Service Center Officer, NTT

Herbert leads NTT’s Global Shared Service Center (GSSC) co-located in Kuala Lumpur and Bucharest and is driving the modernization of NTT business systems and processes by aligning NTT existing shared services to establish a defined scope of delivery through the GSSC.

Prior to this role, Herbert was the Interim Executive for NTT Americas Inc. and managed the integration of several entities such as Dimension Data and NTT Americas into one NTT Americas Inc.

Herbert has also held the positions of CEO for Dimension Data Germany and Chief Operating Officer for Dimension Data Asia Pacific. Herbert brings with him 38 years of proven senior management and business capabilities, in addition to his deep understanding of both the technical and commercial aspects of NTT / Dimension Data’s business.

Herbert originally from Germany, holds an Executive MBA from SMA (Sales Manager Academy Vienna) in Austria. He is also a Certified Service Manager by the KVD Germany and holds a state certified Technician Degree in Electronics from the Technical Academy Moenchengladbach.

Herbert lives in Germany with his family, and outside of work he enjoys playing soccer and squash with his family and friends.

NTT Ltd. is a leading global technology services company. Working with organizations around the world, NTT Ltd. achieves business outcomes through intelligent technology solutions. For NTT Ltd., intelligent means data driven, connected, digital and secure.
As a global ICT provider, NTT Ltd. employees more than 40,000 people in a diverse and dynamic workplace that spans 57 countries, trading in 73 countries and delivering services in over 200 countries and regions. Together with its customers NTT Ltd. enables the connected future.

Herbert Bockers

Hans-Walter Fuchs

Hans-Walter Fuchs

ISS Business School

Hans Walter Fuchs, MBA, is a Strategy Expert and Lecturer at the Hochschule für Oekonomie und Management, Frankfurt/Main (FOM). He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Henley Business School, UK, and a Master in Applied Linguistics from the University of Heidelberg, Germany.

Hans Walter has been closely collaborating with ISS Business School in international projects including Service, Marketing and Sales since 2005.

As a member of the ISS team he has helped companies, e.g., to

  • Optimize the performance of global customer care organizations
  • Market and monetize aftersales services by moving from ´Free-to-Fee´
  • Introduce value-based Pricing and Selling for products and services
  • Establish and optimize Key Account Management
  • Design, monetize and sell data-driven services and business models

Michael René Weber

Service Pioneer and founder/driver of Service education and transformation - internationally

ISS International Business School of Service Management

Michael René Weber is a service Evangelist! To help companies grow their business with services, Michael supports organizations in their strategic orientation towards future markets.

He understands services as an interaction between suppliers and customers aiming to generate additional value through co-creation for all the parties involved.

Michael helps companies seize the opportunities of digitalization to develop and market data-driven services - smart services. This enables companies to establish an even greater focus on customers and their customers‘ business.

With such a business driven view of the entire organization, services create value, benefit and profit for your customers, your company and for society.

Michael René Weber

Hans Werner Albrecht

Hans Werner Albrecht

Managing Director at Rational Technical Services GmbH
Landsberg am Lech, Bayern, Germany

Hans-Werner Albrecht is the Managing Director of RATIONAL Technical Service GmbH in Landsberg and in charge of the Global After Sales Service of the Rational AG in Landsberg Germany.

He has more than 20 years’ experience in leading international Service organizations in various sectors like energy supply, elevator equipment, consumer camera, medical devices and lately professional kitchen equipment.
Hans started his career in public service company and afterwards changed to OTIS Elevators in northern Germany, which was quite a significant change. His international career started at Pentax Medical Europe, being in charge of the After Sales Service of the Medical and later also the Camera business.

He changed the Pentax Service organization into a strong business unit, providing outstanding financial results in Europe and later took over a Global Position at Pentax Medical (then Hoya Corporation)  to build up a Global business Unit. Hans also took over the responsibility for the Pentax Medical Production in Japan.

In 2014 Hans was appointed by the RATIONAL AG in Landsberg to develop their Global After Sales Service business, where he now works on the transformation of the organization to make Service a major differentiating factor.


Wiebke Gericke

Gericke runs her own business called to open the door to early communication with babys and toddlers, well known as babysigning. Using single signs out of the national sign language she shows parents how to deepen the interaction to their own child before it can even talk.

She shares her successful business with 80 teachers on the base of a franchise system. As a group they follow Gerickes ideas and designed week to week-live-classes for parents and their children.

Within the first two weeks into the lockdown-corona-crisis in March 2020, Gericke reinvented her live-class into an online-class for parents in Germany. Parents want to learn and be inspired. Signs are easy to transport via an online-tool. As soon as this turned out to be a clear and simple way of teaching and talking, a wide door opened to Gericke and her new Online-Team. All of a sudden, every single parent was able to get in contact with the company babySignal and not only those families who would coincidently live nearby one of 80 teachers. A big door opened and will from now on stay open.

Wiebke Gericke

Frank Bunge

Frank Bunge

ISS Business School
As process and result oriented, strategic thinking business driver Frank Bunge has led a global service organization for many years before becoming managing consultant with focus on customer experience and agile business transformation. Frank earned a master degree in business administration from the Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg, Germany. He is certified SAFe® 5 Program Consultant and trained Master Black Belt in Value Stream Mapping and Transactual Process Improvement.
Frank collaborates closely with ISS Business School in international Service projects as well as Management trainings and coaching. As a member of the ISS team he leveraged customers service performance in particular in topics like

  • Process optimization to approach operational excellence,
  • Lean & agile business transformation,
  • Service maturity development ,
  • Customer Experience Management, and
  • Service Controlling & Performance Management.

Cornelius Reiner Schlieper

With an international background as well as entrepreneural experience Cornelius focuses on
looking beyond the obvious and identifying opportunities based on strong customer insight.
His know-how has helped many companies and individuals to successfully shape and implement
innovative and future-oriented projects.
In his work he focuses on clearly defined goals, tangible results, self leadership and
ethics as the foundation for long-term sustainability.
Cornelius likes to work with people who want to contribute in a positive way.
Cornelius has been conducting ISS projects, trainings and seminars since 2012.

Focus areas:  Marketing, Services, Innovation, Customer Insights, People, Culture, Change, Sustainability & Ethics

Cornelius Reiner Schlieper


8.30 ISS – virtual platform is open
(collaborate in 3D as an Avatar // Software TriCAT)

  • Meet colleagues – you can make appointments in advance
  • Guided Tours in the 3D as an Avatar at 8.45h and 9.00h

Part I
9.15 Welcome, intro to the topics and schedule
Michael René Weber, ISS Business School

9.30 Can Globalisation be saved? How?
Prof. Dr. Thomas Pogge, Leitner Professor of Philosophy and
International Affairs, Yale University, New Haven

  • differentiation of private and public roles with impartiality requirement on the latter
  • impartially fair international „rules of the game“ that can be accepted by all
  • example: fair rules for the promotion and diffusion of innovations

10.30 Digitalisation – Take Care of focus and monetarisation
Herbert Bockers, Chief Global Shared Service Center Officer, NTT

  • Reality check > What is different in Asia, America, EMEA?
  • Covid Impact & Change > Why is Client Segmentation now a stronger focus point than ever? > How to deliver Services smarter?
  • Leadership Challenges > Culture, Trust and how to adopt to a change?

11.30 Business Models for Services –
Co-creation vs. transaction
Hans Walter Fuchs, ISS Business School

  • How to develop market, sell and monetize data-driven services
  • Process and Key Success Factors

12.00 Lunch / possible: talks with speakers

13.00 Rational Insights
Hans Werner Albrecht, Managing Director,
Rational Technical Services GmbH

  • How a world market leader in the catering business is managing the Corona Crisis and supporting its Service Partners around the world

13.30 When Corona opens the door
Wiebke Gericke,

  • online courses for parents on Babysingning
  • Corona-related changes: customer expectations, technology, organisation, content set-up and Business Model

14.00 pause/ change to break-out sessions

14.15 Implementation Workshops

How to design our business in the New World

  • important changes
  • major opportunities
  • directions/ ways recommended by colleagues

How to realize Service Business Models

  • opportunities, risks, road blocks
  • Co-creation, the new way of designing success
  • milestones of successful implementation

White Space Workshop

  • Topics chosen by the participants

Duration: 1:30h
The outcome will be recorded and provided to the participants

16.00 Closure

Shape your business -
to be ready for the future

2019: June 5th in Hamburg

Let’s embrace and monetize our digital business opportunities instead of creating the next technical solution. Tech-wise it will be possible for everything what the customer needs and is willing to pay for.

Let‘s focus on the business of Smart Services. Crosscheck your ideas and processes to go for digital services. Join at the ISS TWS 2019 in Hamburg – A Powerday with the ISS in June - and learn how to
-    transform
-    hire
-    perform
-    monetize
-    implement
and in order to have success with Smart Services!

Welcome on June 5th at your TWS, ISS TrendWorkshop Service, in Hamburg!

Take a closer look at the program here and registrate now, the number of participants is limited!

Develop data-driven Services - Monetize  // Data Analytics and Value Networks

Björn Häckel is Professor of Digital Value Networks at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg.
Björn also serves as Deputy Academic Director of the Research Center Finance & Information Management (FIM) and works in a leading position with the Project Group Business & Information Systems Engineering of the Fraunhofer FIT. Björn’s activities in research, teaching, and industry center around the fields of opportunity and risk management in the Industry 4.0 context and in digital value networks, as well as the economic evaluation of technologies.

How to transform your organization with services to meet future needs - internationally

Franck Perrin strongly believes that the Service Transformation is on its way in the Industrial Equipment Industries (IE), in particular in the Process Automation sector. The technology itself is less and less the differentiator. The future growth potential for the IE companies will be in their capability to truly deliver outcomes to their customers. The technology is becoming a Service, which requires new business models, processes and management skills. With this drive I have been acting as a passionate activist for the last 20 years, in a very product-oriented environment, to set up the adequate Service vision, mindset and competences required to properly manage the Service transformation shift.


New ways to hire the right people // Be successful in the New Age

We're JobMatchMe and we redefine the recruitment market for non-academic professionals by helping people to get the job they love.
With our proof of concept we created the world‘s largest job-Matching Platform for truck drivers. Did you know that about 80% of all people are unhappy with their current job? Malte Lindberg: Now there is a way out. Now we want to enable millions of people from other professions to make a move and get better jobs and create a unicorn.


9.00 am         Welcome Coffee and Tea

9.30 am         Intro to the day‘s journey, Michael René Weber, ISS Business School
I. How to design a successful digital service business  

9.45 am         Need for Smart Business Models: How to develop?  Björn Häckel, Professor of Digital Value Networks, University of Applied Sciences Augsburg

10.30 am        „Recruitment - get whom you need“, Malte Lindberg, Managing Director, CSO, JobMatchMe GmbH  

11.15 am         Coffee /Tea Break and discussions…

II. How to Setup an international Service Business  

11.45 am         Key drivers for an international Service Organisation, Franck Perrin, Director Service Excellence, Endress + Hauser Group

12.30 am         ISS Corporate Benchmark for Services, Progress Report, Frank Bunge,  Michel René Weber, ISS Business School
1.00 pm             Lunch

III. How to create business success with services  

2.00pm             From Data to Value: Monetization of Data-based Business Models, Björn Häckel, Professor of Digital Value Networks, University of Applied Sciences Augsburg

2.45 pm             Up or Out - rules for the digital age, Malte Lindberg,  Managing Director, CSO, JobMatchMe GmbH  

3.30 pm             Coffee/Tea Break and discussions …

4.00 pm             Rapid Solution Development, Workshop: Agile behaviour and methods. The participants develop solutions for their identified problems/ challenges in a structured way
            Results: Recommendations from the participants to start or go on with the NEW AGE journey /  Rapid - Group presentations
            Cornelius Schlieper, Michael René Weber,  ISS Business School
5.20 pm            Closing … Thanks … What now?, Michel René Weber, ISS Business School

5.30 pm            End of the conference part

7.00 pm         Experience sharing dinner - networking and appointments for individual benchmarks and more

Herausforderungen digitaler, globaler Service Businesses meistern


Sommer 2018: Design Offices Hamburg, gegenüber dem Michel, strahlender Sonnenschein. Michael René Weber, Gründer und Geschäftsführer der International School of Service Management und Initiator des TrendWorkshop Service, begrüßt seine Gäste und Speaker, die aus Asien und Europa angereist sind.

Außerdem dabei: Schauspieler des Improvisationstheaters „Steife Brise“, die alle Gäste und Teilnehmer mit einer unterhaltsamen Einführung direkt ins Thema holen und zwischendurch immer und immer wieder für viele Lacher sorgten. Service kann auch komisch sein.

Robin Weninger, Co-Founder & Managing Director shapingwork GmbH

The world is moving and changing at an ever increasing speed. New technologies, every
single day. A massive challenge that changes everything. We are now living in a world that
is often referred to as VUCA. Volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Everything is
impacted, from the way we live and work to economic and political systems. Technological
opportunities have never been bigger than today, but the same is also true for technology

Exponential development of technologies requires investments in the same way. Is this
the end of profit optimization? To cope with the ever increasing technology investments,
the customer becomes more and more the center of attention.

It seems like that technology can facilitate nearly everything. Credit Card companies are
capable of predicting changes in our live with a terrifying accuracy just by analysing our
spending habits. So good, that they can predict divorces way earlier than the people itself.

But is this good or bad? Is this right or wrong?

We need an ethical compass that helps us make decisions with what we should do with
technology. Technology itself has no soul. It’s neutral. It’s what we human beings make
out of it, that matters.

Herbert Bockers, COO Dimension Data Asia Pacific

How to develop the next level of customer experience (CX) –

We know that Data are important – for decades… therefore we have set up a Controlling
to steer our own business becoming more successful knowing that we are still estimating
what will happen.

In a VUCA world we have to be closer to the customer, have to know what’s going on –
real time!

Now we are able to be online connected and set up algorithms for faster decisions.
Artificial Intelligence, Bot Technology, AR, VR, machine learning will enable us to
deliver more benefits to customers and internal team members by decreasing the
costs dramatically – the result is

  • better experience to customers with less costs
  • greater agility to drive rapid change
  • more revenue opportunities with detailed insights.

Herbert Bockers was the CEO and Chairman of the Management Board for Germany prior
to his current COO role. During his stint in Germany, he led the company through tremendous revenue growth to achieve all its target profit goals for 10 consecutive years. In his
earlier role as Director of Services, Bockers headed the solution development and service
sales support, which was crucial in building a world-class service delivery team with high
client satisfaction. He was also involved in developing the pricing and margin strategy and
setting up Dimension Data’s Global Service Centre in Europe.

Wilbert Hirsch, Head of Content ReAct Responsive Acoustics GmbH

How the shop retail handles the online “superior power” is a question that concerns
companies as well as customers. A creative maker, like Wilbert Hirsch, has taken up the
challenge, bundling his know-how as a film music composer, brand expert and software
entrepreneur to integrate digital solutions with sound to create experiences for brick-andmortar
retailers that are nearly impossible online.

Instead of conventional music sprinkling and advertising including announcements, the
ReAct platform relocates all processes “behind the curtain”. The markets are calmed
down and the customers decelerated.

In addition to the acoustic staging of shop areas, the platform allows direct communication
between employees (and employee groups) and also between customers and
employees (service) and communication with peripherals (IoT - status of reverse vending
machines, emergency exits, refrigerated displays, etc.). Looking closely, you will see more
applications that are possible in other sectors as well.

Peter Ivanov, General Manager Virtual Power Teams

How to create customer experience globally? How to achieve effective communication
despite the geographical distance? And – How to motivate your team spread across
multiple locations and establish a winning spirit? Virtual Power Teams are the key to be
successful in a digital and global world. Therefore it is essential to align individual goals
with the team’s objectives in order to achieve the best business results.

Virtual teams have normally a diverse structure – so how can you use this challenge to
become an advantage?

Peter will force us to leverage the new ways of finding and inspiring our employees in the
Global working environment. He will give us ways to unleash the Virtual Power and unite
our teams for top performance.

Peter Ivanov got several awards for his way of working with international teams.

In 2007 the team led by Peter won the “Best of the Best” award for outstanding Project
management in establishing global Shared services. In 2012 his Team won the “Global IT
Connect Award” for excellent Engagement in a global cross-functional environment.

Peter is a passionate athlete and World Senior Champion in Discus. He actively supports
young Talents in the fields of mathematics and sports.

Knut Kalbertodt & Wolfgang Lüchtrath, Fiction Manager Steife Brise

Insights – prospects

Digitalization is progressing. What is reality – what is fiction?

  • Demand for digitalization and networking in the economy constantly grows.
  • Online offers open local providers opportunity to act internationally.
  • Logistics companies deliver around the world.
  • Smart homes make our lives easier/more comfortable, but also more vulnerable?
  • Autonomous driving makes traffic safer.

What’s next? What do we expect? What are we doing? How do we want to work or live?
That costs jobs – say the critics. That creates jobs – the digis (believers) claim.

Knut Kalbertodt does not just ask questions, as a fiction manager he develops answers
in teams and shows a possible way into the future. Fiction shapes the future and the
team does it!