Corporate Programs/In-house Trainings: Tailored to Your Company

No two transformation processes are alike because no two companies are alike.

No two transformation processes are alike because no two companies are alike. Not even within the same industry such as the service business, for example. Therefore, specific training is a highly effective tool to support and implement change processes in a company.

Individually developed programs for experts and executives, specifically tailored to the respective internal structures, markets and customers are one of the core competencies of the ISS International Business School of Service Management.



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Our Experience and Competence

Nationally and internationally, well over 2,500 employees from various companies have developed their customer competence and business know-how and have applied it to professional service management. This keeps service organizations sustainable.

New Values through Change

In a world globalized and digitized by Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT), nothing is more stable than change. This applies to absolutely every company aiming for service and business excellence. New values can only ​​be created by adapting the company and its employees to new requirements ‑ creating new values for the company's customers and for the company itself. In this context, digitization of the service business to match new customer expectations, new services, new processes and partners require a deep transformation process.

Transformation: Reasons, Strategies, Processes

What is the starting point of the current transformation process in your company? Why should there be change in the company? Do changing markets and customer needs, new technologies and procedures require the company to adjust? New goals and supportive strategies may be needed, new processes and procedures are established. As a key to success of your company, the employees will need new skills and knowledge to make the individual changes that are required.

More than in any other department of a company, the results achieved in service depend on the management and the employees, on their commitment, their customer orientation and their quality standards.

Basic and Individual Content

The ISS corporate programs and in-house trainings always combine two aspects of a successful program:

  • Topics that are an individual issue of the company and 
  • Basic topics in the industry that are essential to develop company-specific programs.

Most ISS programs have several modules or points of contact with the participants to support a sustainable implementation of the topics. All ISS trainings are designed so that the participants are involved and participate actively. This integrates the training content into personal work practices.

Transfer to the Company

The specific   transfer tools   of the ISS are customised to match the individual situation of the company. In this way, these tools ensure the practical implementation of the topics covered in the training to the individual daily work for each participant. This is an ISS core competency.


The obligation to pass exams in a certificate course leads to a different way of working with the training content including repetition and thinking about possible applications to practical work in the participant's company. This creates substantial added value for the company.

Programs for Training and Continued training, amongst Other, Cover the Following Topics:

  • Training Program ‘From Product to Services’
  • Customer focus and business management for new services
  • Service competence program for international field and support functions
  • Certified service management for your company, for example, to develop the customer focus and the service portfolio as well as processes and controlling or presentation and distribution of services.

How Do We Work?

We have integrated three central topics from the range of company based work of the ISS that demonstrate our understanding of effective transformation on this page:

  • Topics from a service excellence initiative
  • Tasks in transformation projects
  • Structure of corporate training programs and performance as well as program monitoring

Are you interested in an ISS corporate program/in-house training? We are happy to put you in contact with the responsible program managers.

“I got inspired in the group sessions. ISS trainers are very professional and organized. They come from real life and you realize during the training that they have work experience. I felt involved during the whole training and never felt being left alone. Always being a part of the thinking process was great.”
Domenico Gambarelli, Deputy After Sales and Service Director – After Sales Service at GEA in Italy.


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