Conferences and Workshops: New Input for Service Excellence

Fresh input from outside is not a ‘nice-to-have’ anymore  it has become a ‘must-have’.

The time for new ideas is always right – but today more than ever. And we all know the reasons: a fast-paced, non-stop changing world of globalization, digitization and Industry 4.0. The consequences: ever new conditions for sustainable success. Anyone who has recognized service as a driver for success in their company has also recognized the need to adapt to continuous change as a success engine. This means changing markets, customers, corporate structures, products and services, even completely changed business models. Fresh input from outside is not a ‘nice-to-have’ anymore – it has become a ‘must-have’.

How do others do it? By what measures do other players achieve service and business excellence? And how can both be shaped for the future? Valuable inspirations on these topics are shared on regular service conferences and in the trend workshops hosted by the ISS International Business School of Service Management. Join these events to benefit from top speakers with exciting experiences and perspectives. Equally enriching at these events is the exchange with other professionals from the service business.

ISS TrendWorkshop Service

My Mental Supermarket

Find new ideas and opportunities to develop your own company at the TrendWorkshops Service (TWS) hosted by the ISS International School of Service Management in Hamburg. This is what the ISS TrendWorkshop Service has been offering for many years. Initially initiated by the MarketingAkademie Hamburg, the TrendWorkshop Service was continued under the umbrella of the ISS International Business School of Service Management.

The topics of the practical workshops held in the afternoon of the annual expert meeting spark lively discussions: The thematic impulses for the workshops originate from the lectures and presentations in the morning. Which one of the presented topics sparks interest for a more in-depth and personal exchange?


In work groups, you will discuss the topics that are of personal interest to you with the speakers. Following this, you will develop procedures that you can apply to your personal work environment.

ISS Service Camp

  • When is the time to use new methods consistently – now?
  • How do I get an overview of the usefulness of the tools – here?
  • With whom can I share experiences; where do I meet my peers?

At the ISS ServiceCamp, which always takes place the day before the ISS TrendWorkshop Service.

First, we will give you an overview of the Success Drivers. The tools, methods, and topics practically used by ISS and participants. Then it will be decided which Success Driver will be worked on ... the various groups will meet up, work and put their recommendations up for discussion ... in the evening there will be a get-together.


“Of course, the ISS TrendWorkshop is always a way to foresee the future. You do not take everything on offer – but I was always able to find some aspects in the TrendWorkshops that I can take home and implement. That keeps me ‘at the pulse of the time'.”

Robert Eibl, MMM Group, Regular Participant at the ISS TrendWorkshops Service

„For me, the TrendWorkshop Service focusses on the issues we need to address today in order to be fit for tomorrow.“

Hans Werner Albrecht, Rational AG

„ The participants then define the topics to be discussed in more detail ahead of the workshops together. The presented results from the workshops are tangible and, above all, feasible for all participants,” explains Michael René Weber.

Service Conference

Cooperation partner –
Spectaris the high-tech association of German industry

The service meeting for members of SPECTARIS, the association of German high-tech companies, has been holding annual conventions since 2007 hosted by the ISS International Business School of Service Management. The venue of the conference is at a non-member's facility and the speakers come from different industries.

This promotes sharing of experience across many industries and aims to obtain ideas ‘from outside’. This is also the approach the hosts take to organize the events: receive impulses as speakers and as participants.

Current Conference Series

As part of the Spectaris Knowledge Sphere, the current conference series ‘Intelligent Service as a Sales and Earnings Generator’ is being hosted for member companies and customers of the ISS International Business School of Service Management.



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Organization and Main Topics of Service Conferences Since 2007

  • Rational AG (2018) Digital networking with customers and partners
  • Arvato High-tech EMEA (2017) This is digitalization! – Benchmarks and solutions for higher revenue and customer loyalty
  • Philips GmbH Market DACH (2016) ‘Service Excellence’ as a business driver
  • Testo industrial services (2015) Success with new business models – focusing on services
  • SEW EURODRIVE (2014) Successful services development and marketing
  • HHLA (Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG) (2013) Expanding with partners – flexibility in a volatile environment
  • Airbus – Eurocopter (2012) Business transformation
  • DHL Innovation Center (2011) Change management in service business – from idea to implementation
  • BSH (Bosch Siemens home appliances) (2010) Achieving more with less a balance – also in service
  • ZDF (2009) From product to customer service – process integration to create values
  • BMW (2008) Successful in the service business with internal and external partners
  • Lufthansa Technik (2007) Expanding market positions with new services and intelligent service sales organizations