Certified Business Development

Continuous expansion of the market position from the perspective of flexibility, dynamics, internationality, increasing competitive pressure and customer orientation.

Course description

Services generate revenue and customer loyalty at the same time. If services are designed to customer requirements and integrated into customer processes, “recurring business” and can take a strategic role, if optimized year by year.

Product management designs the range of services, marketing campaigns make it known in the market and the sales department works out the specific solutions with the customer – value-based. Servitization, the fundamental trend in business, requires constant development of offers and services in the business. This requires expert know-how: Knowledge of methods and procedures in product management, marketing and sales for services. Sustainable growth is achieved with the professional use of sales and marketing tools: Take advantage of the opportunity offered by this attractive blended learning course with webinars, three attendance days and your Business Project!

This course is an offer that promotes the qualification of non-technical staff – business administration and communication. The aim is to implement methods and procedures to expand the service business in one's individual work practice.


Build, optimize and design basic parameters.

Focusing on marketing services, this practice-oriented course covers three main topics and imparts methods and procedures for

  • professional product management for services,
  • marketing activities, promotion of services and
  • the specialties of service distribution.


After completing the course, participants are able to

  • organize the development of services in the organization,
  • align the services strategically and conceptually to the needs of the customers and
  • show the required resources,
  • develop and expand the distribution of services, based on local market opportunities, with professional methods and procedure concepts (e.g. level sales),
  • develop and implement marketing/promotion concepts and campaigns.


In a Business Project, participants work and task in their own practical work and the implementation of the solution is prepared or accompanied.

The participants acquire a set of methods for coordinated, successful work in product management, sales and promotion of services and can apply this professionally to their own work environment.


This is how companies benefit:

  • Managers, experts and employees who work with these functions know the tasks and levers for successful work in the area of Business Development, i.e. coordinated marketing of services.
  • Strengthening the competence of employees in their specific functions and roles.
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness in daily processes.
  • Return on Investment: The accompanying Business Project directly returns added value to the company.
  • The blended learning concept provides a systematic transfer of learning experience throughout the duration of the course.

Course Contents

Continuous expansion of the market position from the perspective of flexibility, dynamics, internationality, increasing competitive pressure and customer orientation.
In addition, methods, instruments and tools will be imparted to professionally market and expand services. The goal is to develop and expand a service portfolio that is attractive from a customer and earnings point of view.

Are you responsible for the service portfolio, sales, product management, sales or marketing campaigns? Or would you like to acquire expertise in these areas of responsibility in order to be able to help shape these tasks as an employee or in any other function?

A key success factor is the strategic and conceptual cooperation in the uniform, mostly central development of the service products and the local sales concepts and marketing campaigns.


Service Product Management/Service Portfolio Management

  • Peculiarities in marketing and services
  • Market research methods and instruments
  • Market segmentation and target group definition
  • Market and customer analyses as a basis for strategic decisions
  • The Marketing Mix: The 9 Ps in Service Marketing
  • Success factors, key figures and marketing plan


Service Marketing/Service Promotion

  • Strategic customer segmentation
  • Strategic customer development
  • The principle: consultative value service selling
  • Emotionalization and strategic marketing of service products


Service Sales

  • Move from the sales strategy to your own sales tactics
  • Consultative Service Selling
  • The three pillars of successful service sales: customer types, engagement and level sales
  • Action plan to realize and increase the success of individual sales goals


Preparing and presentation of the Business Project


Business Project

At the end of the day, the participants work out the basic structure of their Business Projects with the respective trainers. At the end of the attendance phase, possible topics for the Business Project are named for this course. The project topic is coordinated within two weeks to cover the interests of the company. In the following 4 weeks, the project will be developed and after approval it will be presented in a group web-session and evaluated by the ISS ServiceAcademy.

For the project identification as well as the further steps after the classroom training, a mentor/champion will be appointed internally by the seconding company to support the participant. The mentor/champion has a supporting function, e.g. to obtaining required data/information from the company.

This form of knowledge transfer is based on a democratic understanding of knowledge transfer and the roles of participants, coaches and mentors/champions (from the seconding company), which, in connection with a generally co-determining, participatory action and interest orientation, also takes into account the demand for holistic learning experiences.


Frontal lessons were yesterday! Case studies, project work and Co. are today!

Blended Learning

Webinars: introduction to the topics

  • Business Development (Product Management, Sales and Marketing)
  • Service Product Management/Service Portfolio Management
  • Service Marketing/Service Promotion
  • Service Sales


Before starting the classroom training, the participants submit three possible topics to work on in the Business Project naming the mentor/champion from the seconding company to the ISS Service Academy.


Classroom training

  • Keynote speeches and dialogue-oriented lectures
  • Plenary discussion and active exchange of experience
  • Individual work and group work
  • Case studies and role-playing
  • Accompanying the business project from personal work practice


Business Project

  • Independent work on a task from planning through implementation to presentation
  • Democratic and activity-based learning
  • The topic field is usually selected by the participants


Who is the course for?

Company leaders and junior executives in service who organize and manage a service company or service area.

Leaders and junior executives who have a commercial and/or business management training and want to apply their knowledge to the concrete context of a service organization.

Speakers and trainers

The speakers and coaches at the ISS International Business School of Service Management are active managers, entrepreneurs and consultants with many years of service experience.

Our services

Personal payback, return on investment – you can expect that and more!

  • Participation in webinars
  • Participation in classroom courses (three days of attendance) and networking
  • Course documents
  • Drinks and lunch
  • Accompanying the participants and mentors/champions from the company over 4 weeks after the classroom training
  • Evaluation of the business project and presentation in web conference
  • Certificate graduation

Direct implementation of the theoretical learnings into practice – personal payback, customer added value and a direct return on investment for the company by the Business Project.


Please contact us for a selection of hotels for your accommodation.

Your Investment

Engagement, exams, fees: what you invest in the course.

Your time to participate in the webinars, three days of presence as well as preparatory and follow-up activities and personal work sessions during the course period.

In particular, this includes the work on the subsequent Business Project with a current reference to the topic from your own company. At the same time, the Business Project also ensures the payback for the seconding company's investment in advanced training.


3 days of intensive classroom training € 3,680.00 plus VAT

Final exam and Business Project € 1,200.00 plus VAT


Note: The own learning curve pays off! Please contact us for separate conditions when participating/booking several courses.


Business Networking Package

The Business Networking Package is optional and includes the individual support of the participant throughout the entire duration of the course. Evening events with course participants and accommodation in the same hotel promote networking between the participants and increases their motivation. This package was developed for holistic learning and has proven to be a valuable addition to the course.
The price is subject to fluctuations due to the event and hotel selection and is communicated individually.



With the Certified Business Development Certificate, graduates prove that they have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to optimally and profitably align existing resources with the needs and references of customers and the marketplace.

The courses have been certified since 1992, since 2009 by the ISS ServiceAcademy. The high quality and topicality of the certificate courses is ensured by the advisory board of the ISS ServiceAcademy.

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