Expanding Service Know-how and Certify Your Progress

Those who develop professionally in order to meet changed or new requirements should also be able to document acquired competencies.

This is made possible by the ISS Business School of Service Management certification courses offered by the ISS ServiceAcademy.

The ISS certificate courses are continuously accompanied by an advisory board with respect to content and methodology. This team of experts technically scrutinizes the certificate courses. The ISS constantly develops its training offer based on the resulting recommendations. New scientific findings are constantly integrated. Thus, the training contents of the certificate courses not only meet the highest quality requirements, they also set international standards.

Transferring the Results into your Own Company

The certificate course Service Business Competency requires a passed final exam as well as the submission of five practical transfer tasks to qualify for the certificate. Special methods aquired during the training are applied and documented by the participants to specific practical situations.

With the final paper, the Real Life Project (RLP), the participants apply the acquired skills and knowledge to the service work in their companies. The Real Life Projects of the courses ensure a particularly high return of the investment into the companies the participants work for. This is because the personal benefits for the participants, a return on investment for the company and an added value for the customer of the participating company are the core of the concept of the ISS certificate courses.

Why? Well, projects are particularly valuable if they generate direct or at least indirect added value for customers.

Guaranteeing Applicable Know-How

The advisory board of the ISS ServiceAcademy attaches great importance to the practical relevance of the training contents ‑ this is supported by its composition: all members are responsible for services and services performance either as service experts, or executives, or as managing directors. They work in a wide range of industries such as IT, health care, hotels, mechanical and plant engineering and of course also companies from the service industry.

Exams and Certificates

The standards of the exam are determined by the Advisory Board. After successful completion, the graduates receive a certificate. It officially recognizes that the participant can fulfill subject-related tasks and contribute to a service organization with respect to the contents of the course. An important stepstone for the further career.

In the ‘Service Management Compact’ training, the service concept and the business plan are developed and at the end of the week, the relevant management topics are reviewed in a two-hour exam. In this way, learnings are substantially solidified.

International Courses

In addition to the German certificate courses, the ISS ServiceAcademy also offers international certificate courses in English. Participants of the international trainings benefit especially from the different cultural and professional backgrounds of the participants: the participants come from different countries and continents and usually work in global companies. This leads to a valuable inspiring exchange and multi-faceted experiences.


The certificate courses take place in one or several blocks (face to face and blended learning). They last between three and 20 days plus exam. More information about topics and contents of the certificate courses are available on this page and in the information section on the individual courses. Please contact us directly.

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After successful participation and examination, the certificates are often handed over to the participants in the framework of official company events.


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