ISS TWS 2020 - “Shaping the ‘New World’ – How?”

2020 – now we have learned – the world is more VUCA than we believed it could ever be! The Pandemic has dug deeper – a new focus is coming up – now the human being is more important. We take care of personal distance, shut down businesses, respect others and their needs, change our working mode and … still hope this is just a short period of a few months, because we have to go back to our familiar way of living and working, to the economy, turnover and profit…. perhaps with some more profit if people at home are working more productively as well.

Are we able to go back? Do we have to go back?
Step back - far away like an Astronaut on the moon - have a look at our world - see and watch carefully what is going on – and decide what should happen, what you will go for! Take the insights from Prof. Thomas Pogge and his speaker colleagues discuss them with family and friends and decide on your contribution to the New World.

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Shouldn’t we change our behaviours, our thinking, our value focus from a personal perspective to … a stronger focus on benefits for the human being – for us, for the people?
On the other hand, we are living in a highly competitive world with APAC and Americas, with wars for resources and beliefs, but as well with responsibility for the next generations.

So – let’s think about “The New World” and how we can contribute to design our planet in the future. No doubt: Services, knowing how to help others to achieve individual benefits or common goals will be a core topic! … in every business!

Let’s learn, talk, discuss and find out what are the strategic guidelines for the “New World” and how we can contribute personally and as a corporation.

Michael René Weber

PS: Welcome to the ISS TWS – this time in the virtual world of TriCAT as Avatar – we will train ourselves for a virtual future collaboration!

Let’s learn how to live in our VUCA world (in business – privately – politically– you name it)

Volatile               Uncertain            Complex               Ambiguous