The nine navigation poles of the ISS ServiceCompass represent the dimensions of a holistic, service-driven organizational development approach aimed at achieving business excellence

International Business School of Service Management

Service Management Compact

"After one week intense training by different coaches and doing lots of workshops exercises how to transfer the theory directly in to my business, I would say, I like the idea of this course. This is not something that I could have learned at University. It is directly to my function “Service Management” and what I like about the participants is that they are very energetic and passionate about their jobs."
Damian Francabandiera, Corporate Service Manager Elisa and Molecular, DiaSorin Italy

Experience and Knowledge exchange across all industries!

The management skills and implementation tool required for success in the modern service business are imparted in a systematic and compact way, supported by real-life case studies. This strongly facilitates the transfer into participant’s own practice.


Certified Service Specialist

"My general opinion is that it has strongly affected my way of working and resulted in more control and ease on the job."
Marco Schuurmans Service Coordinator GEA Refrigeration Netherlands N.V.

Within the scope of this comprehensive certified training (6 days plus Final Examination) participants will learn and apply their understanding of Marketing and Controlling know how. They will train their awareness on personal contribution to the Service Business process.

They will acquire the essential requirements for customer-centered thinking and acting. Furthermore participants will learn how to influence negotiations and solve conflict situation and thus create a long term customer relationship.


In-house trainings

"It was really a good opportunity for me to move forward to next step to think about strategic thinking in where I’m working on E+H company. Now I have more confidence when I do something in my organization even sales and marketing team. Lot of idea just pop up to drive service business. You did a wonderful job for me and it’s unforgettable memories in my life. I highly appreciated your professional support past 15 months. Again Thanks a lot!!!"
Kim TaeYun, Service Manager Endress+Hauser South Korea

We can carry out any of our open seminars, trainings or certificated courses for you in-house.

Specific programs for managers and specialists, adapted to the specific markets, customers and internal structures of their organizations, are a unique offering of the ISS Business School. Nationally and internationally, more than 2.500 participants from different companies have enrolled in these programs to strengthen their customer competence and to acquire professional service management know-how in order to prepare their service organizations for the future. Creating Service Business Competence at Endress + Hauser is just one example…

Several aspects have to be considered when designing a successful program

  • Specific issues relating to the particular situation of the organization concerned and
  • General issues which have to be considered when designing successful inhouse programs.

What is the starting point? Why is there a need for transformation/change? Is it changing markets? Is it strategies which require a re-orientation of the business or is it changing technologies which make new approaches and procedures necessary?

Just think of recent disruptive changes like, e.g., internet telephony, Car2Go by card, shoes ordered by mail, remote diagnosis in industrial organizations and accelerated processes… all these are service issues, by the way, which require new management approaches and customer competences. Nothing is as constant as change! This saying is now more "true" than ever.

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Services of the ISS

  • Analyses and Assessments
    Market, customer and employee surveys
    (VOICE OF CUSTOMER/VOICE OF BUSINESS) and development of recommendations (Use of the ISS ServiceCompass as an analysis and tracking navigator)
  • Consulting
    Leveraging service as a business driver for organizations and their customers.
  • ServiceAcademy
    Part-time seminars, training, workshops and certified courses for participants from different companies.
  • Corporate Programs
    Inhouse trainings, workshops, seminars and certified programs including transfer projects.
  • Academic Study Programs
    MBA, M.A. and B.A., Focus on service management and marketing/operations

  • Speeches, Congresses
    Trend Workshop Service and other events as well as presentations, impulse speeches and workshops for company events.

Additional information is available at News, ISS Services, Professional Development, Consulting and Research.

Please feel free to contact us directly by telephone or here Contact and inform us about your requirements and ideas. We will jointly develop an approach to reach your goals, either with the ISS or with other partners.


The ISS International Business School of Service Management is a division of the International Services and Solutions GmbH (compare imprint).
A further division is MarketingAkademie Hamburg. Its focus is on strategies and concepts relating to product management, sales and marketing - for services and products as well as for solutions within the framework of a customer business support.

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