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Overview & Content (International Marketing)

The M.A. “International Marketing, Sales and Relationship Management"

  • Qualifies experts and executives in a competent, application-oriented way for successful international marketing activities.

  • Aims at the development and commercialisation of products and services according to the specific needs of the targeted countries.

  • Provides relevant know-how in brand marketing and sales management to promote brands and ensure their value proposition on a worldwide scale.

  • Is based on current research and best practices from leading service providers.

  • Postgraduate business degree in English (full-time or part-time)

  • ISS study blocks in Hamburg (D); optional Karlstad (S), Dublin (IR), New Delhi (IND)

ISS Hamburg Overview & Content (International Marketing)

Applicable knowledge and expertise throughout your career

Graduates are qualified for working for international companies with a worldwide operation span as well as implementing international marketing, sales and services strategies in companies operating in a specific country/market.

General business skills – flexible structure – specialised knowledge

With the M.A. programme “International Marketing, Sales and Relationship Management” the ISS Hamburg assists companies and enterprises in staying competitive in national and international markets through corporate development with qualified specialists, executives and leaders.

Business or non-business academic background

The M.A. programme is taught in English and offers a solid foundation of general business knowledge. In addition, it gives persons from a multitude of industries and prior academic backgrounds (e.g. in engineering, computer or medical science) the chance to professionalise the service and operations management of the companies they are working for.

Choosing between two study options

The postgraduate programme is available on a full-time and on a part-time basis (both 120 ECTS credits). The latter one is designed for 36 months and includes practical work project, while the full-time option with a study-integrated traineeship in Germany or a country abroad is completed within 24 months.

Blended learning approach - room for individual priorities

Postgraduate core modules and elective specialisations at ISS are taught during on-campus study phases, which are each preceded and succeeded by mandatory webinar sessions. The efficient programme structure of just 2 on-campus study blocks of 6-8 days per semester allows students to spend more practical time with their employers. ISS modules are not designed to take place in a consecutive order. Hence the students can set up an individual study schedule according to their personal needs.

International focus

The aim of the course with an explicit international bias is to provide qualifications for an international service and operations management to qualify graduates for technical and managerial positions in high-profile companies worldwide.

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Master of Arts (M.A.) International Marketing, Sales and Relationship Management

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